AOL Desktop 9.7

AOL Desktop 9.7

AOL Desktop 9.7 releases its latest version, 4343.3026, on March 27! This release includes a number of improvements we believe you'll like!

Learn more at the AOL Desktop 9.7 beta page.


April 14, 2014
AOL Desktop 9.7 — 4343.3026 is GM

Thanks to tester support and feedback, we have qualified the 4343.3026 version of AOL Desktop 9.7 as GM as 4343.3030.

While the GM version is now available for download at AOL Downloads, we hope most of you choose to stay on and use the latest beta software from the AOL Desktop 9.7 beta page so we can include you on future beta updates and releases.

March 27, 2014
AOL Desktop 9.7 — Beta Update

The AOL Desktop Team is always listening to your feedback. As a result, they have a new version of the AOL Desktop 9.7 software for you to test.

Today's update includes a number of enhancements that we think you'll enjoy. Make sure to go to the AOL Desktop 9.7 beta page to learn more, download and install it, then let us know what you think.


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