AOL Desktop 9.7

AOL Desktop 9.7

The Desktop Team has made some backend changes regarding Favorites. Make sure to let us know if you encounter issues!

Learn more at the AOL Desktop 9.7 beta page.


July 28, 2014
AOL Desktop Favorites is changing under-the-hood

We're conducting a brief test around Favorites for those of you on 1 of the last 2 beta client releases. This change should be seamless and unobservable, however we want you to be on the lookout and prepared to report any Favorites issues as soon as possible. To learn more, please go to the the AOL Desktop 9.7 beta page.

July 2, 2014
AOL Desktop 9.7 — A new version of 9.7 is available for WinXP users

The release contains a fix that resolves an issue with Windows XP users who recently began to experience issues with frequent browser crashses (aka "Whoops" errors). Beta testers on Windows XP should download and use the latest beta software from the AOL Desktop 9.7 beta page. If you're not a tester, but still need this update, please download the latest GM version available from AOL Downloads.


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