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AOL Desktop 9.8

9.8.0 beta 2 is rolling out!

We're focused on the new update mechanism, so, like Beta 1, this will only be delivered through auto-update. Head over to the AOL Desktop beta page to learn more.


July 24, 2015
9.8.0 beta 2 is out!

AOL Desktop 9.8 beta 2 is now available and distributing to testers using the new auto-update process. This release focuses on tweaks to the new update mechanism, so please be on the lookout those changes. For more information, please visit the AOL Desktop beta page.

July 9, 2015
9.8.0 rollout has begun!

AOL Desktop 9.8.0, beta 1, started it's roll out today! Users who received this update are asked to share their feedback about the new Update process on first sign in following the update. This short, 8 question survey will help us understand your experience. Please take a moment to share your thoughts. For more information, please visit the AOL Desktop beta page.

July 7, 2015
9.8.0 will soon be here!

Later this week, the AOL Desktop Team will be distributing the release of 9.8.0 beta 1 to all users on a previous version of the AOL Desktop beta software. Users on this software should receive a pop-up notifying them of this coming update when they sign on beta software. To learn more, including how to opt out, visit the AOL Desktop beta page.


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