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If you're looking for the latest non-beta version of the AOL Desktop software, please visit Discover AOL.

Info and Community

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10
  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • 266 MHz or faster computer processor; 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution recommended
  • 1 GB RAM, 512 MB free hard disk space
  • 28.8 Kbps or faster modem, or other Internet connection


  • Beta 3 - 4346.2020
  • Beta 2 - 4346.2011
  • Current GM - 4346.2019
Jan 12 — Flash Player Issue resolved

Jan 12 UPDATE! The issue with the latest version of Flash that prevents the installer from working appropriately has been corrected. If you are still experiencing problems, please run windows update.

Dec 22 — We are GM!! AOL Desktop 9.8.2 Beta 3 is available!

We appreciate all of the feedback along the way! We couldn't have done it without you. Beta 3 is a special build just for the Beta Community. It is identical to the GM Version. An autoupdate will be available soon, please do not wait for the autoupdate to get to you. If you've not yet updated to 4346.2020, please do so using the link to the right.

Nov 24 — The autoupdate for beta 2 has been enabled

In order to help bring as many of you current as possible before next Monday, we've enabled an autoupdate to distribute yesterday's release of 4346.2011. While this has been turned on to help, please do not wait for the autoupdate to get to you. If you've not yet updated to 4346.2011, please do so before 11/30.

Nov 23 — AOL Desktop 9.8.2 beta 2 has arrived!

That's right — Beta 2 (4346.2011) is here and just in time for Thanksgiving!

Among other things, this release brings the following updates:

  • 'Print Preview' is fixed for webpages
  • Header and footer for a printed page is available again
  • Two new menu items for Flash have been added to the Toolbar's Help menu. These are 'Install Adobe Flash' and 'Adobe Flash Settings'
  • Fixed an issue where uninstalling the AOL Desktop would remove shortcuts rather than point them to the version of the software that you upgraded from

Remember - all other versions of the AOL Desktop beta software, including 9.8.2 beta 1, will be blocked on 11/30, so make sure to download and update today!

Nov 17 — Direct download for AOL Desktop 9.8.2 beta 1 is now available

AOL Desktop 9.8.2 beta 1 (4346.2006) is now available for direct download using the "Download Now" button in the upper-right of this page.

Please remember that downloading and installing the beta version of this software will put you on the path to receive more frequent beta updates. If you were looking for the latest public version of the AOL Desktop software, please visit Discover AOL.

Nov 10 — AOL Desktop 9.8.2 beta 1 is here!

Greetings Testers!

We're pleased to release AOL Desktop 9.8.2 today, 11/10. Like the past several betas, this release will be delivered using the auto-update mechanism and will not be posted directly. If you have a recent beta version installed, you should get the auto-update. If you have not received the auto-update in the next day or so, please try rebooting your computer.

What's new in Beta 1?

The two core feature updates in this release of AOL Desktop 9.8.2 are:

  • An update to the browser engine
  • A fix for an issue with some videos not playing or displaying properly

There are a couple of known issues in this release as well. These are:

  • Print Preview does not work on the web
  • Print header and footer are missing for printed webpages
  • Uninstalling the AOL Desktop software does not restore the previous AOL Desktop shortcut on your desktop

We could use your help in testing the following areas, however we welcome you to explore other features and share feedback on those as well. Areas of primary focus should be:

  • The sign in experience. Do you notice a difference? Have you encountered any problem signing in?
  • The Welcome Screen. Do you see any issues or problems with the Welcome Screen?
  • Browsing. Is browsing slower/faster/the same? Are you able to continue browsing as you'd expect? Were there videos you could not play before, but appear to be working?

  • How do I share feedback about my update experience?

    Aside from the common process of sending feedback to us about your experience on the AOL Desktop (Help > Send Feedback form your menu bar), we will be delivering you a pop-up on your first sign in of the 9.8 software as well. From here we’ll be asking you to send feedback or complete a survey about the update process.

  • How can I opt out?

    Right now, identification of the beta testing population is strictly based on the version(s) of the AOL software you have installed. This means, if you still have our beta software on your computer, you're part of the beta testing population.

    To remove yourself from this group:

    1. Download and install the latest GM (non-beta) software. — This software is always available at Discover AOL's AOL Desktop for Windows page.
    2. Uninstall any previous version of AOL Desktop beta software. — It’s important that beta software be removed entirely. If you have a previous version of the beta software installed on your machine, you’ll still receive this update. If you’re uncertain how to uninstall previous software, you can refer to this helpful AOL Help article on the subject.

  • How can I opt in if I don't already have beta software?

    Simply download the 9.8.1 beta software using the "Download Now" button in the top right of this page and you'll be set-up to receive the auto-update! Please note that it may take a little for the 9.8 update to be triggered and download.