AOL Desktop 9.8

AOL Desktop is back with a new Beta!

AOL's premier all-in-one software is back in beta with an ALL NEW version and we want your help to test it.

Join our beta by visiting the AOL Desktop beta page to learn more about this beta and how to get involved.


Apr 01, 2019
April General Updates

April #4 04/17: Mail Date settings minor stationery visual update
April #3 04/11: Stationery, crash fixes, and more!
April #2 04/03: no functional changes from previous release
April #1 04/01: mailbox date display, Password Manager fixes, and more!

Mar 04, 2019
March General Updates

March #5 03/29: minor bug fix
March #4 03/27: crash fixes, copy from read mail, and more!
March #3 03/12: browser security update, compose mail attribute and spell check issue fixes, and much more!
March #2 03/04: fixed issue with entering message in reply/forwarding mail!
March #1 03/04: fixed mails with blank messages, browser tooltips, and more!

Feb 06, 2019
February General Updates

February #5 02/25: "zombie" compose mail, default toolbar carousel items URL updates
February #4 02/21: crash fixes, new Flash installer, linking of text links and mail, and more!
February #3 02/13: minor update for logged browser errors
February #2 02/11: minor updates for new browser engine
February #1 02/06: Updated browser rendering engine


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