AOL Desktop 9.8

AOL Desktop is back with a new Beta!

AOL's premier all-in-one software is back in beta with an ALL NEW version and we want your help to test it.

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Aug 3, 2018
August - Mail List, Browser Error, Upcoming Browser Update, And More!

August #3 8/13: Crash fixes for 8/8 release.

August #2 8/8: due to an issue found after release, this update has been disabled pending fix.

August #2 8/8: Browser update, crash fixes, and more!

August #1 8/3: mail list state, Oops page update, and more!

Jul 9, 2018
July - compose mail formatting fix and More...

July #4 07/27: crash fixes, address book buttons, and more!

July #3 07/20: Attach file from Word/Office and address book contact nickname fix!

July #2 07/17: Select an Icon, hang/freeze fix, per user background, and more!

July #1 07/09: Compose mail inline image formatting fix and more!

Jun 28, 2018
June - Mail List Fixes and More...

June #3 06/28: mail preview settings, browser shortcut keys, and more!

June #2 06/12: mail list queuing, more picture quality optimizations, and more!

June #1 06/05: mail list focus, sign on screen changes, and more!


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