AOL Desktop 9.8

AOL Desktop is back with a new Beta!

AOL's premier all-in-one software is back in beta with an ALL NEW version and we want your help to test it.

Join our beta by visiting the AOL Desktop beta page to learn more about this beta and how to get involved.


Jun 5, 2018
June - Mail List Fixes and More...

June #1 06/05: mail list focus, sign on screen changes, and more!
June #2 06/12: mail list queuing, more picture quality optimizations, and more!

May 10, 2018
May - Download Manager, Mail List Fixes, and More...

May #4 05/31: Crash fix, blank welcome screen fix, and more!

May #3 05/29: Picture quality options, mail list fixes, and more!

May #2 05/14: Delete mail fixes!

May #1 05/10: Download Manager, Mail list fixes, Word pasting, and more!

Apr 10, 2018
April - Browser, Import/Export DB, Accessibility, and More...

April #10 04/30: preferences saving, import failing with error incorrect password

April #9 04/25: Welcome screen, font preferences, browser content blanking out, and more!

April #8 04/23: Sign on issues, paste images in mail fixes!

April #7 04/19: Reimplement previous changes, mail search fixes!

April #6 04/18: Revert to last GM version. Will re-release the beta very soon

April #5 04/17: minor security improvements

April #4 04/16: saving inline images, moving large amounts of mail, and more!

April #3 04/11: Minor change for signing off flow for some users (could show flash command prompt)

April #2 04/10: Updates browser engine, offline mail, export/import database, and more!

April #1 04/04: Fixed an issue that prevented some websites from signing in.


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