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AOL Desktop is back with a new Beta!

AOL's premier all-in-one software is back in beta with an ALL NEW version and we want your help to test it.

Join our beta by visiting the AOL Desktop beta page to learn more about this beta and how to get involved.


Jun 02, 2021
June General Updates

June #5 6/17: crash fix!
June #4 6/15: BadRequest error fix!
June #3 6/11: mailbox list highlight/selection fix!
June #2 6/10: blank mail, social sharing fixes and GMed, mail hover buttons, and much more!
June #1 6/2: crash fixes, search updates, mail focus fixes, and more!

May 05, 2021
May General Updates

May #3 5/20: touch screen link clicking, save mail locally moving mail fix, and more!
May #2 5/18: social sharing, address book UI changes, and much more!
May #1 5/5: allow web cam enabling, save mail local fix, and much more!

Apr 12, 2021
April General Updates

April #2 4/22: address book list changes, blocked Email list changes, and more!
April #1 4/12: updated browser, crash fixes, mail list fixes, and much more!


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