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AOL Desktop is back with a new Beta!

AOL's premier all-in-one software is back in beta with an ALL NEW version and we want your help to test it.

Join our beta by visiting the AOL Desktop beta page to learn more about this beta and how to get involved.


Jan 14, 2020
January General Updates

January #3 1/28: crash fix and web site loading fix
January #2 1/23: toolbar updates, Premium Security updates, and more!
January #1 1/14: browser updates and more!

Dec 12, 2019
December General Updates

December #2 12/13: show images and links fix
December #1 12/12: web page loading fixes, browser crash fix, and more!

Nov 07, 2019
November General Updates

November #4 11/14: added logging for launch issue, freeze at sign on issue fix
November #3 11/13: client launch issue fix
November #2 11/12: video DRM, added logging for launch issue
November #1 11/7: crash fix


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