What is the All new AOL Desktop 11 and how is it different than 9.8.2 Beta?
AOL Desktop 11 is a total rewrite of the AOL Desktop for windows application. We have received feedback from our most dedicated users asking us to improve the product for the more modern windows operating systems and computers, and we have listened. We are rewriting the entire AOL Desktop experience line by line in order to maintain that "easy to use" experience you are used to, but with less hangs, less crashes, less headaches.

You may notice that there is some functionality that is still "Under Construction" in the new AOL Desktop 11, don't worry, much of this functionality is coming soon.

How do I receive the update?
When you start AOL Desktop, it will automatically check for any updates. If an update is available, the AOL Desktop update mechanism will deliver them while AOL Desktop is running. The update will be applied the next time you close and relaunch AOL Desktop.

How do I share feedback about my update experience?
There are a couple different ways of getting information to the engineering team.
To send feedback, select the HELP menu item then select, Send Feedback. We review all feedback that is sent to us on a regular basis.
Additionally, if you feel that you are experiencing a bug in the software, you can report a bug by selecting the "Report a Bug" option from the HELP menu. Doing this will send us diagnostic logs that will help determine the cause of the issue you are experiencing.

Can I use dialup?
This version of the desktop client was built with the focus on a superior broadband experience. Dialup is NOT available for this beta version.

Can I use Parental Controls?
Parental controls functionality (Web restrictions, usage timers, email restrictions etc) have been removed from this version of the product.

Can I use my existing screenname/username and password?
Yes you can. Any AOL screenname will work with this version of the AOL Desktop software. If you would like to create a new user name for this testing, click here.
There is NO limit to the number of screennames/usernames you can use in AOL Desktop 11.

Can I import my information from previous versions of AOL Desktop?
Yes you can! At your very first launch of AOL Desktop 11, your usernames and custom toolbar icons will be copied over from any previously installed version of AOL Desktop. You will then be prompted to import your mail "Saved on my PC".
The following items are all imported from older versions of AOL Desktop.
How can I opt out?
To remove yourself from this group and no longer receive beta messages:
  1. Keyword: GMME will turn off your beta updates. You will continue to receive normal product updates once they are available to the general public.
How can I opt in if I don't already have beta software?
Simply download the AOL Desktop beta software using the "Download Now" button in the top right of this page and you'll be all set-up. Please note that we will be delivering updates to this version frequently, so be sure to use it often.